I am Hannah from Hanny Bobbins and this blog is dedicated to my sewing, knitting and general crafting exploits.

Sewing is my main creative passion but I find it hard to narrow it down past there; I try a bit of everything from garments, quilting, home dec and bags. I think one of the reasons sewing has kept my interest where so many other crafts have failed is that I can chop and change dependent on my mood. I am sad that this changability means I never really excel at any, but it is very much about creative process for me. I began to dabble in knitting in August 2012 as I needed a portable craft; sadly to date I haven’t managed to complete one project I am pleased with…but I live in hope! You can ‘friend’ me on Ravelry. I also dabble in other crafts as they take my fancy, but nothing specific.

I live in beautiful sunny Devon in the South-West of the UK with my two cats and lovely French husband who is affectionately known as Mr Frog. He is utterly dependable in his encouragement and support of my creative endeavours. When I am not creating I am an English teacher in a secondary school where I work specifically with students with Special Educational Needs; the progress of disadvantaged young people is another passion of mine.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by my little piece of cyberspace.


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