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Salty Caramel Cupcakes

13 Mar

I *promise* this is not becoming a food blog but I have to rave a little about this recipe for Salted Caramel cupcakes:

If they don’t look good enough already they have this little secret in the middle:

They took me absolutely hours to make, I even made the sauce from scratch.
But they are the best thing I have ever baked:


in this one you can see that delicious caramel poking out the bottom… mmmmm:

Over to you:

  • Have you ever tried salted caramel?
  • Do you consider ‘baking’ as part of your creativity?
  • Have you ever tried this recipe?!

Leave a comment; I’d love to hear from you!


Bacon Meats Cake

1 Mar

This is not going to become a food blog – mainly because I don’t do the cooking at home. The joys of being married to a Modern European Man means that he does all the cooking. I think he might actually do the cooking because he can’t lower himself to eat my British culinary exploits – but if he does think that he is savvy enough not to share those thoughts with me!

Since I’ve had this blog I have been sharing my exploits on linky parties which are invariably populated by North Americans and I have seen an awful lot of food creations linked up. One thing which has caught my eye has been Bacon Cupcakes. Now my initial reaction is probably the same as yours: “this is wrong” but people are absolutely *raving* about these things on the blogosphere. Just to put this in historical context, we British used to mix meat and sweet stuff in pies in the 1700s – our Christmas favourite Mince Pie began this way:

So a few weekends ago I gave this a go. Now just to be clear, these recipes are not for a kind of ‘breakfast muffin’ where you have a deliberately savoury item mixed with something sweet to give a little flavour twist. No, these are full on sweet treats to be eaten as a pudding or dessert. Hmm. Interesting notion. I browsed lots of recipes and plunked for this one:

I also was quite taken with the candied bacon on these ones:

So I decided to put the two together.

As I was making them Mr Frog kept popping in to look over my shoulder. One minute I was cooking bacon, the next I was whisking a cake batter. On each return he began to look a little more concerned; this is a man who culturally eats frogs’ legs and snails. I began to worry.


Speaking of wrong, this is a photo of the frogs legs consumed at New Year at our friends house in France a few years ago – they were cooked before eating.

So, I’d cooked, candied, baked, whisked and was ready to assemble and… it still felt most strange.

Here is what they looked like:

IMG_1445 IMG_1446

And the verdict:

They weren’t unpleasant, we certainly weren’t gagging after each bite. They were just, well, wrong. The bacon tasted nice but gave an utterly wrong texture to the cakes and the stuff on the top was just too conspiculously ‘meaty’ even with all that sugar. The icing on its own was lovely, but just too sweet for the cake. It is probably a blessing we didn’t enjoy them, the calories in those things must have been through the roof!

If you are ever considering something unusual and thinking – ‘well I like all the things that have gone in to it, I am sure I’ll like it’ – you might want to reflect on my experience here!

Over to you:

  • Have you had bacon cupcakes?
  • What strange food combinations have you tried?
  • Does this combination sound utterly wrong to you?!

Leave a comment; I’d love to hear from you!