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Delicious double dogwood design

24 Jan

Shamefully, I am still working on the Craftsy class block of the month which I should have finished a long time ago. Sorry Amy. I have a big post brewing about this whole project but here is a little one. As I experimented with some free motion quilting techniques from the interweb I wanted to share one I really enjoyed and had a great ‘two way’ effect which I haven’t seen before.


I found it on oh, fransson it was shown on a finished project this week and I liked the look of it and then saw a great tutorial on how to actually do the technique. The tutorial is from 2011 and I’m sorry if it is old hand now, but it’s new to me! This may be really standard in the quilting world, but I thought it was pretty ace that from a distance it looks like a circle technique but close up they are actually little flowers! How cool is that!?


I also like that there is a clearly defined block to do each design in and that there is a one way ‘route’ so I don’t end up in a random place with no way out (hello spirals and stippling!). I practised a little, not as much as I probably should, before heading on to my quilt block. I couldn’t be bothered to draw out the squares so used a block which was pieced squares. I did mark the middle of each square so I knew where to begin each design. I chose one of the drunkard’s path blocks as I thought I wanted to continue the ‘curvy’ theme in the quilting. Here it is before the quilting:


Here it is afterwards:


I loved doing it and I love the finished effect – quilting win. It is a very forgiving design – frankly it needed to be for me – so all my errors aren’t that noticeable. Well less so than with some other designs:


Have you tried the Dogwood technique? Do you like it too? Do you know any other of these ‘two for one’ quilting techniques!? I’d love to hear from you!