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Knitting progress

6 Oct

Well lots of knitting FOs to show you from the last few weeks!

I feel like I have really moved my knitting on in the last few months – perhaps my letter has been answered?!

I have knit up quite a few gifts over the past few weeks and wanted to share them with you.

Firstly, a hat for little Heidi who is the grand old age of 6!

here she is wearing it:


Heidi is half German so you can see she is wearing a beautiful traditional German dress for her birthday in the photo!

The pattern is one I found on Ravelry called in between seasons hat and I really like the pattern.  However I am not familar with the circumferences of children’s heads and knitted small and it was *tiny* so I had to quickly knit another one up the day before her birthday.  I knitted the large size and although it is baggy I think it is better so she can grow in to it.  I was so delighted when she opened it that she loved it and put it straight on her head and wore it the whole time we were there!  Kids don’t fake that stuff and I was so touched that she liked the gift so much.

Another birthday this week was Emma’s eldest son Thomas, who was the grand old age of 9!  He loves the game Minecraft so I knew what he would want!



I found two patterns on Ravelry and amalgamated the two to make something which had the ‘creepers’ and the lettering.  This was also my first attempt at colour changing (with the strands across the inside) and I am really pleased with how it turned out:



Upon opening Thomas whipped the hat straight on to his head to admire himself in the mirror but it couldn’t compete with the Xbox and he headed off to get back to the real Minecraft!  Bless him!  He doesn’t like having his photo taken so no modelling from him I’m afraid!  You can see my full project details here on Ravelry.

Finally, some mitts for my Mum.  She keeps chickens and I wanted to make her something which she could wear but still open the hutch etc.

Here it is:

Photo 13-09-2013 14 26 17 Photo 13-09-2013 14 26 37

As you can see – I’ve learned to CABLE too!  Does this make me an intermediate knitter?!  They look small when not being worn but are nice once on.  The thumb gusset is really nice and is not required to pick up any stitches, which inevitably leads to holes for me!  I sent them off and haven’t heard back so I hope she liked them.  I have knitted another pair in a sandy colour for my Auntie as it is her birthday later in the month.  Ravelry project details here.

Well, that’s knitted gifts.  If you knit it would be great to have you as a ‘friend’ – here is my profile page on Ravelry.

Over to you:

  • Are you a knitter?
  • Do like to knit gifts, or fashion stuff?
  • Have you tried any new techniques recently in any craft?

Leave a comment, I’d love to hear from you!




Collette Crepe finished!

22 Sep

Well I feel I have turned a corner with my sewing.  I have finally completed a dress which I am remotely proud of!

Presenting the Hanny Bobbins Collette Crepe:



It is an unusual design as it is a wrap dress so – my goodness- it takes a lot of fabric.  However it is very secure and you aren’t worried about it coming undone, the ‘wraps’ are very well secured.


If you look carefully you can see the overlap.  One criticism of this dress would be the complication of the tie around the waist, working out whether to have the left piece or the right piece on top is quite confusing, and having worn this a few times now I still am not too sure.  This project had a tumultuous arrival as my sewing machine broke whilst I was making it, so some information about the dress can be found in that post too – happily Stitchy has now made a full recovery!

I am so pleased I did the extra steps to make this dress special, I underlined it by hand and sewed down all the facings by hand and am pleased with the outcome.  Due to the design of the dress it does look rather ‘homemade’ – when was the last time you saw a wrap dress like this in a shop? – but I like it so don’t mind on this occasion.

Over to you: 

  • Have you made the Collette Crepe?
  • What do you think of the ‘homemade’ vs ‘handmade’ debate?!
  • Do you hand sew to make a project extra special?

Leave a comment, I’d love to hear from you!



Sew loving London

9 Aug

I just love our capital city. Having studied there but moved back to the sleepy Westcountry it will always hold a special place in my heart.  I came up last weekend to participate in the RideLondon cycling weekend – what an absolutely wonderful event! For those of you not familiar with this inaugural event – on Saturday 3rd of August they closed the roads to motorists in an eight mile loop around London’s most famous streets and made them exclusively for cyclists!


Houses of Parliament, Buckingham Palace, Tower of London, Millennium Bridge, London Eye and more were all on the loop.


There were also festival zones with loads of other bike amenities, concerts etc. It was simply amazing! I got a great goodie bag -oh the difference between that goodie bag and the one I received from Hobbycraft the previous weekend! This was SO much better!

Mr Frog and I joined my sister Helen and Brother-in-law Bruce on the ride.


My sister cycling past Horseguards Parade

The family of one of Helen’s colleagues joined us too and would you believe it – she is a seamstress too!  We spent all day riding around the streets of London only to find out in the last twenty minutes that we share the same hobby!  To say it was exciting to have an in real life sewing conversation was an understatement!

In addition to the cycling there was ample opportunity for sewing related stuff during my stay.  Before Ride Day we cycled to the Village Haberdashery shop – I’ve never visited before – and we had a great time.


My husband bought me the Anna dress pattern from By Hand London and the ubiquitous Renfrew pattern from Sewaholic.  I am so excited to sew these up!

I also spent a serious amount of time curled up in Loop knitting shop.


I had a fantastic few hours browsing through all their knitting books.  This place is just inspirational.  Great atmosphere too; felt very chic to be a knitter!  (I didn’t tell them I am rubbish!!)

I bought some cool notions there:


I got some wool sewing needles, a needle gauge, some cable needles, point protectors and removable stitch markers.  I know, I know… I made my own stitch markers but having removable ones would be useful so I succumbed to these little dears.

I also bought some wool – okay, so I only bought some last week! – but it was just so beautifully soft!  It is Lima by Rowan:


It is a aran/worsted weight and I am going to knit up this crofter’s cowl… at least that is the plan!  Oh an by the way – that gorgeous tote bag?  Totally FREE!  I mean I just love that shop!

A short walk from Camden Passage is my favourite London sewing shop – Raystitch where I whiled away some time enjoying a drink surrounded by wonderful fabric and notions.  As I walk walking along the Essex Road I found this little second hand shop:


I thought I’d see if they had any old furniture or items to store sewing notions in.  However I found a big stash of vintage sewing and knitting patterns also he has some lovely vintage buttons.  As you can see, I’d already spent a LOT of money on my hobby this visit and couldn’t justify any more, but this place is going on my radar for next stay in London!

So a fantastic long weekend in London!

Over to you:

  • Did you participate in RideLondon?
  • Have you sewed either the Renfrew or the Anna dress?
  • Have you ever found sewing stuff in unlikely shops

Leave a comment, I’d love to hear from you!

Review: Big Book of Knitting by DK

4 Aug

For my birthday my cousin Andrew and his wife Sadhbh (she is a gorgeous Irish lady hence the funny name – it is pronounced “Sive”) very generously bought me a £20 Waterstones book voucher. Thanks you two! I decided to invest it in a really good knitting book. Mr Frog took me in to the shop and I spent a few hours in the attached coffee shop browsing to find the perfect book – what a wonderful afternoon! – and I settled on this one:

Big Book of Knitting £25 (on offer for £20 when I bought it)

big book

Now you may have heard of the publisher ‘DK’ – they produce all kinds of non-fiction books from travel guides to history books. I feel the risk with brand publishers like this is that you get a trusted format, arguably at the expense of quality information – these people aren’t knitting or even craft specialists – they have simply commissioned people write under their brand for the purposes of knitting and you are at the mercy of their choice. Why is this relevant? Well in the shop I grabbed a few DK published knitting books from the shelves…

The Knitting Book – £16

knitting book

A little Course in knitting – £9.99

a little course in knitting

Now this is VERY important – the content of these three books is pretty much identical. Yep, the projects, techniques, tutorial photos are exactly the same. With each ‘level’ of book you get all the projects and explanations from the previous one, plus extra content. However if you own any of the previous books then do not buy this one as you already own about a third of the book. As this is not explained anywhere I think this is a little naughty of the publishers – someone could, in good faith, buy all these books to discover they have, in effect, only been written once. Each book has some unique content, but not a lot. If I hadn’t gone in to the shop to spend my voucher in person I would never have discovered this.

This review pertains to the book I own – The Big Book of Knitting which is the ‘Mummy’ book – i.e. it has nearly all the projects of the other two put together and then some.



The book is broken up as follows:

Projects: clothes-

  • cardigans
  • Sweaters
  • Hats
  • Scarves
  • Gloves
  • Socks

Projects: home and accessories –

  • Blankets
  • Cushions
  • Bags
  • Toys

Basic equipment and techniques:

  • Yarns
  • Equipment
  • Following a pattern
  • Basic techniques
  • Knit and purl stitches
  • Simple increases
  • Simple decreases
  • Twists and cables
  • Lace knitting
  • Knitting in the round
  • Selvedges
  • Beaded knitting
  • Seams and blocking
  • Embroidery on knitting
  • Knitted toys
  • Charted colourwork
  • Stitch patterns

The book is choc full of knitting patterns – over 100 in all – making this great value even if you only use the patterns. They are marked ‘easy’ ‘intermediate’ and ‘hard’ with all techniques to complete them explained in the back. This means you can ‘grow’ in to the book as you gain more skills. They are organised by type of project, rather than level of difficulty. As an utter beginner (at the moment!) I would have appreciated them in order of difficulty, or a cross-index by difficulty. I spend an awful lot of time wading through tantalising projects completely beyond me to find something less impressive marked ‘easy’.

The Projects

‘Taste’ in knitted goods is pretty crucial – many times I have stood cringing at knitting patterns thinking ‘who would wear/want this?!’. However this book really judges the projects well; as a thirty-something there is next to nothing I wouldn’t want to make or gift. The book does recommend specific wools, but most projects use double knit which is really easy to find in any shop. This is such a relief as so often as a beginner I can’t justify spending huge amounts on expensive wool specified in knitting patterns – you don’t learn to drive in a Ferrari!



project page

Projects have a double page spread with a nice title and prosaic explanation, excellent quality colour photo of the item, then a breakdown of essential information about what you need in terms of needles, wool, notions etc. Then the pattern itself. The format is really user friendly both for browsing for a projects and when working on one.


There are drawbacks though. This really is the BIG book of knitting. It is a weighty tome. If you want to knit on the go it simply isn’t practical to tote this enormous volume round with you. However, I simply photocopy the page I am working on then I can slip it in my knitting bag. It also means I can annotate the pattern i.e. highlight the instructions for the size I’m using, or any alterations I may make.

The other thing which could be better is the techniques section. Yes, they cover all the things listed above but not in a spectacular amount of detail:


Most of the techniques have very little actual explanation, some which are really quite complicated only get a sentence. Having said that, the photos are excellent and it may be that I struggle a bit with that learning style. It gives me a basis for my googling at least. Let’s agree to say it isn’t the ‘last word’ in knitting tuition.


I am just so happy with this book! Yes it has certain flaws:

  • some of the content available in other books
  • Techniques section could be more detailed
  • Too big to be portable

But for me it is outweighed by it’s positives:

  • LOADS of patterns I actually want to knit
  • Great layout/format for each project
  • Range of difficulty means this will remain pertinent as my skills increase (here’s hoping!!)

I recommend buying this for yourself or gifting to a knitter at any ability level.

**nobody is paying me for these views – they are entirely my own and I bought the book with the voucher I got for my birthday. There are no affiliate links in this article – if you want to buy it google it!**



Ready Steady Craft

31 Jul

When I was at University there was a cookery show on TV called Ready Steady Cook which was on at 4:30 on weekdays and I just loved it.

ready steady cook

The format was simple; contestants had £5 to spend on cookery ingredients which celebrity chefs then had twenty minutes to transform in to a magnificent meal during the show.  The chefs had access to basic pantry ingredients to complement foods but it really was down to their ingenuity and creativity.  Ahhh memory lane!

Whilst whiling away the hours in front of Hobbycraft last Saturday I suggested to Emma that we re-create this but with a Crafty Twist!

So the challenge was set: we each had £6 to spend on items in Hobbycraft which would be presented to the other to create something for the purchaser.   So as soon as we arrived in the shop we spilt up for twenty minutes to do our secret shopping!

So here is what I got for Emma to craft me a masterpiece from:



  • A silk sunflower (my favourite flower)
  • A paper photo frame
  • Tiger print felt
  • A small flower pot
  • 1 metre of brightly coloured ribbon (about 4mm wide)
  • A bag of small yellow pompoms
  • A polystyrene ball
  • A card letter H with a modern Union Flag design

Total cost: £5.86

Here is what I have to craft for Emma:


  • A plywood disk
  • A piece of lavender blue A4 paper
  • A letter E with a flowery design
  • Heart shape diamonte stick on jewels
  • Six pastel coloured pegs
  • Red polka dot felt
  • A polystyrene ball

Cost: about £5.40

We can make several items and can use items from our stash but they should be notional, the main focus should be the items bought.

We have to present to each other the weekend of the 10th of August.  Emma has already started on hers for me – I have absolutely no idea what I am going to make her!

Pinterest here I come…

Over to you:

  • Have you any ideas what I could make?
  • Have you participated in any crafting challenges?
  • No really, have you got ANY ideas what I could make?!

Leave a comment, I’d love to hear from you!




Home sweet home

30 Jul

Both my husband and I are enjoying the unutterable joy which is the school summer holidays!

I’m heading in to my second week now and am just getting in the swing of the more sedate pace of life. Having actual time to get stuff done which is important rather than just urgent is so wonderful; I am sure there is a correlation between my restarting this blog and being on holiday!

This is the first year I haven’t gone away in the first week of the summer holiday. I usually need that absolute break to get myself out of the school mindset. However I have been rather spoiled this year for time away from home already; I went to France at Easter (Canal Du Midi – amazing!) got an unbeatable deal on a Cruise at June half-term (brilliant!) then just a few weeks ago I was in South-West France for the weekend for one of Froggy’s school friend’s wedding (AWESOME!)


Felicitations David et Angelique!

Added to this, we also have a serious home improvement project which has to be done before the winter sets in – having our concrete guttering removed. Our house was built in the fifties when there was still rationing of certain things – metal being one of them – so they couldn’t put guttering on newly built houses so they found a way to make guttering out of concrete. Sadly it is complete rubbish, and ours actually has plants growing out of it. We also need the house painted at the same time. All this is going to come to the more than £3000. Ouch.

So I am kicking my heels at home for six weeks. We have a few days staying in London with my sister, Helen, booked in – I’ll blog about that separately – but apart from that I am staying in beautiful Devon. I don’t have any specific projects to complete but an enormous list of ideas accumulated which I am looking forward to plowing ahead with.

I have already started an enormous knitting project – making my first item of clothing! I bought the wool on Saturday in Hobbycraft £1.99 each and on special offer 3 for 2 – so bought a couple of extra colours for the stash.


IMG_2047You can’t really see the colour clearly here, it is a darker blue. I am knitting a tank top for Mr Frog. This does rather have disaster written all over it – the more time I spend on a project the more upset I am when it goes completely wrong so this may well cast me in to knitting depression for literally years!

I am using a pattern from my Big Book of Knitting book – which, it strikes me, I have not reviewed for you lovely people – another post to write. Here’s the photo of what is is *going* to look like!




Just to set the scene for this disaster – I have already messed up the first few rows of ribbing. I will keep you posted as the woe unfolds.

A little bit of sad news – the knitting shop on the high street of our local town is shutting down. As a well documented abominable knitter I have not been a massive patron but they have a rudimentary haberdashery as well as good advice as well as being so convenient. I feel very sad about it. We have a big discount superstore in Plympton and in the last six months they have started selling wool – the exact same wool as said shop in fact – and much cheaper. They just couldn’t compete. So I went in to say my farewells and see what the locusts had left of the 50% closing down sale. OH MY GOODNESS!! Bargains people bargains! Guterman thread 100 m – 80p! 400m – £1.80! Yes – they had sold out of lots of colours but – who cares! Bias binding – 8p a metre! I bought the lot, the woman couldn’t believe it. I got home, told the Frog of my savings and he drove me back up to get some more! Now that is unheard of!

Closing down sale shopping, round one:




Closing down sale, round 2:



Both trips combined I spent less than £35!

So fond farewell Knit Wits and Crafty Bits – best of luck to the owner in his next endeavour.

Aside from crafting, we are currently rewatching the Harry Potter Saga on DVD, we’re nearly finished it having just started on Deathly Hallows Part 1. I love the books and never fail to be utterly disappointed in the films. I really don’t know why I am watching them.

Over to you:

  • What would be on your ‘important’ list to achieve with several weeks off work?
  • What is the best crafting bargain you have found?
  • Harry Potter: books or movies?

Leave a comment, I’d love to hear from you!




baby bunting gift

29 Jul

Just a little project to blog today which I finished ages ago as a Christening gift for Baby Connie, the second daughter of my friends Melanie and Matt.

I made her some baby bunting:


I love a bit of bunting!  So festive!  I also made this using scraps so it meets the Scrapbusting Challenge!

I didn’t realise the variety in bunting until I tried to make some.  You can have pinked edges, one sided or completely finished.  As this was a special gift I wanted to make the most intricate one so went for completely finished, and top stitched bunting.  I used a tutorial from homemade and happy which no longer exists – this is all I can find of it!  I am fastidious about downloading online patterns and tutorials I like and I am so pleased I printed this one out – I am sorry you can’t recreate this yourself, but there are literally loads of bunting tutorials out there to choose from instead.

Instead of normal bias binding I used this beautiful pre-made polka dot binding with a pretty picot edge I bought from eBay.  I just love it!

IMG_1492 IMG_1493

I also crafted a little tote to keep the bunting in – I had this adorable bunting fabric – it was fate!

IMG_1494With a lovely flowery lining:

IMG_1495I was really pleased with the finished gift and had a lovely thank you message from Mel.  I just love giving handmade gifts.

Over to you:

  • Have you ever been caught out by an online tutorial disappearing?
  • Do you like to make for others?
  • Are there any ‘go to’ gift patterns you use?

Leave a comment, I’d love to hear from you!

Sewing Dares – update

29 Jul

Oh the shame!  I was included by the popular kids and had a sewing dare bestowed upon me way back in February.  Like a keen puppy I completed it just as asked but my blogging break has meant I haven’t posted about it.  Hey, I’m such a small fry, who would remember little old Hannybobbins – less than twenty posts?  So I began reading blogs again last week and there, in Gillian’s post, was my dare!  That, my good people, is the definition of inclusive – and working in Special Needs that really is my specialist subject!!   Thanks Gillian!

Sewing Dares

So my dare:

  • Hanny Bobbins is going to use her new serger to make a knitting project bag!

Well you can count that one as **completed** Gillian!

I used the box bag project from my Craftsy Beginning Serging course and this was my first attempt:



I also used scraps for this project – meeting another one of my blogging pledges – these are left over from a tie I made Mr Frog and the Block of the Month Quilt.  I keep seeing references in online patterns to ‘fusible fleece’ and I have never really understood what the hell it is.  I have never seen it on sale in any bricks and mortar shop – in fact I get downright odd looks if I ask for it.  I had added it to the ‘North American’ category i.e. stuff which is ubiquitous in the US and Canada but either isn’t used or has an alternative name here.  So I used firm interfacing.  Mistake.  Just no real ‘body’ to the bag.  It would do.  Just had to get round to blogging it…

A few weeks later I was doing an online shop and I needed to boost my total to get free delivery – so I thought I’d buy some of this fusible fleece stuff.  Well what a great little product, albeit pretty expensive for what it is.  I decided to give my sewing dare another crack – what a difference!

I also made this with upholstery weight fabric which also made it more shapely:

IMG_2026 IMG_2027 IMG_2028

Now I simply adore it and use it all the time for the knitting projects!  So not only have I pushed my original sewing wall by creating a usable bag but I have also sewn with fusible fleece!  Thanks Gillian for not giving up on me!

Over to you:

  • Have you had a sewing dare?
  • Do you have any experience of working with fusible fleece?
  • What ‘replacements’ for hard to find items have you had success, or not (!), with?

I’d love to hear from you!

Hobbycraft Hijinks

27 Jul

There are lots of wonderful things about living in the South West of the UK – particularly Devon:



Beautiful beaches:



sedate pace of life:


 I could go on and on…

However, one big drawback is that we are rather forgotten about on the retail map.  Shops that the rest of the UK take for granted we often don’t have.  Hobbycraft was one of those places – until now!  n.b. Hobbycraft is a ‘big box’ craft superstore stocking all kinds of craft goods from paper craft to knitting to art supplies.  

Unofficial opening day for Hobbycraft Plymouth was Wednesday so we trotted off with Millie, Emma’s daughter (my Goddaughter), to see what crafty wonders they have brought to our doorstep.  As such an eclectic crafter the range of stuff now available on our door step was so exciting!  You could get the ‘basics’ of most crafts but sadly anything too specific wasn’t there.  For example I wanted some machine needles and through bitter experience will only buy Schmetz.  They only had Hemline generic ones; a big disappointment for me.  The haberdashery seemed to be pretty well stocked in general basics though which was great.  There is also nowhere in Plymouth to buy quilters’ cotton so it was great to see a small section devoted to fabric, and some well known prints too.  So, we’d visited, we’d enjoyed surely that is the end of the story?  Remember that post where I mentioned I am obsessive??  

Well I happened to have noticed that the ‘official’ opening was the following Saturday and that the first 100 customers would receive a free goody bag.  I mean who would prostitute themselves for a random bag of free crafty goodness?  Yes, that would be Emma and I.  Whilst at the tills we were chatting with the shop assistant about this goody bag and she promised it would have a variety of crafting goodness.  She also said that on that day (the Wednesday, when there was no giveaway) people had been there at 7am.  Eeeek!!  Well it was decided; we were coming back on Saturday and getting one of those pigging Goody Bags!  So what time to arrive?  We decided to arrive about 6:45, hoping that if the hoards arrive at 7am we should just about get in the hundred people.  

Bleary eyed, with our camping chairs in tow, I picked Emma up at 6:30 and whilst ordering our McDonald’s breakfast (dirty, but good) we discussed our plan for the queue.  We wouldn’t stay if there were more than 100 people and would be VERY strict about anyone ‘saving places’.  It was with great trepidation we pulled in to the car park to find…







We laughed so much it hurt!  

We had to sit there through the shame of the staff arriving at all the various retail outlets looking at us as if we are completely mad (in fairness, they have a valid point).  Not one other person joined the queue until 7:50 when a bloke turned up who had been sent by his wife!  

 Tantalisingly, we could see said Goody Bags through the window from our lonely vigil:


So after about 8:20 the queue began to grow in earnest so we put away our camping chairs ready to charge in to get our goodies, nobody was going to stand between us and our valued bag of goodness!Image

And then the moment had arrived!  The giant cupcake mascot burst forth with the man brandishing balloons – the shop was open!


And for all our troubles we were the first OFFICIAL customers of Hobbycraft Plymouth!


But frankly who cares – we’d already been on Wednesday!  To paraphrase Jerry Maguire “show me the Goodies”!!

Oh, but we were so controlled.  We went round the shop, we even participated in a Fimo workshop (yes, another one!).  We learned some new techniques for jewellery and button making:ImageImageBut frustratingly the stuff we used in the demo, and therefore wanted to buy, wasn’t on sale – how disappointing!  So now we are having to source the stuff online after they have whet our appetite for it – seriously bad business.

They had some lovely wool on 3 for 2 so I stocked up ready for my first garment knitting project… watch this space!

Finally, we sloped off to Dunelm Mill next door (they have a coffee shop) to open our long awaited – and hard earned – Goody Bags…


hmmmm… I think I’ll itemise that for you in case you missed it:

  • A paper cat mask
  • a ‘dizzy dots’ drawing activity
  • a pot of play-doh
  • two berol felt tip pens in random colours (Emma only got one!)

all in a Hobbycraft bag.

We laughed and we laughed and we laughed!  I mean, I know it was free but this really is not very ‘goody’ in our books!  All of those staff wandering past must have known just what was in these bags and that it *really* wasn’t worth getting up at the crack of dawn for!!  Frankly it wasn’t worth getting up for at any time for two ADULTS!  Well, we both agreed we liked the bag it came in…

Despite the questionable freebies we had a wonderful morning and haven’t laughed so much in ages!   We also might be in some sort of press as the official photographer snapped us on the way in – I think that is probably a curse not a blessing!

Over to you:

  • Have you ever queued waiting for a ‘Grand Opening’?
  • Have you received anything particularly memorable in a Goodie Bag/free gift?
  • Am I being unbelievably ungrateful for the gifts?!

Leave a comment, I’d love to hear from you!





blogging missions

27 Jul

Okay, it have been rather a long time since my last blog post – the overlocker review doesn’t count, I wrote that in March!!

There isn’t really much of a reason, I just haven’t been interested or inclined to blog.  My problem is that I get obsessive.  I couldn’t just record my sewing exploits and my meanderings around the blogosphere, I had to go totally OTT and court every bit of interest I could get.  Inveitably, this becomes unsustainable and I lose interest as I can’t keep the level I have set for myself.  Story of my life.  In fact, sewing is one of the few things in my life that has managed to stand the test of time – I think that may be because it is so versatile.  Once I’m bored of quilting, I move on to garment sewing then a bit of home dec etc.  So what has brought me back to blogging?  A post from the couture academic saying she got herself in a similar (albeit infinitely more successful than me!) position.  The post really set my cogs a-whirl.

She set herself a blogging mission to get herself back on track, which I really like the idea of, here’s hers:

I blog because I love sewing and I want to share that love, passion and enthusiasm with others.  I blog so my learning may help my fellow sewers with theirs; thus experiencing the frustrations, joys, and beauty of sewing together.

Wow – powerful stuff.  I envy this lady’s clarity of thought to set this out so eloquently.  I am just not ready to set out my blogging vision yet, mainly because I simply don’t know it myself!

However I think I am ready to set some parameters for myself:

  • Everything doesn’t have to be perfect.
  • Post don’t procrastinate.
  • Don’t obsess.

I am going to set these as my mainstay and work forward from here.  I am not happy that each of these is couched in the negative but hey – everything doesn’t have to be perfect!!

What do you think?

Is there a reason you have/haven’t started a blog?

Do you have a blogging mission?

Any other advice to stop me getting in to a mess again?!

I’d love to hear from you!