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privacy versus community

25 Feb

I am very careful with my online privacy.  I have seen colleagues and friends get in to scrapes on Facebook and other online media through injudicious sharing online; the sad thing is these people have broken no laws but almost anything, when displayed in the wrong way, can cast you in a poor light.  I strongly agree that teachers need to be role models, but also vehemently stand up for our right to be three dimensional people outside work; the balance is difficult to strike and I don’t pretend to always get it right.  Even if you don’t have a job which requires you to be perceived in a specific way, there is still something nice about having the control over which parts of you are shared with different people.

I have been reflecting on this because a new craze has come across the sewing community – mapping where we seamstresses live!  A blogger I didn’t know, another sewing scientist, came up with the idea and I saw it referenced somewhere last week and I have to say my initial reaction was ‘no way’ based on the above.  There were hardly any pins and I just thought this would never take off.  I also thought I wouldn’t want to share that level of detail with the information superhighway.  But it seemed to get bigger and bigger and bigger with so many of the blogs I read (and proverbial ‘‘big girls’) signing up.  They also, tantalisingly, were suggesting that it could lead to sewing meet ups in the local area from the information shared – this was getting truly exciting…

So I visited the original post and was amazed – it is now so full of pins!

As I looked at the world view I suddenly started getting a bit emotional about the enormous worldwide sewing community we are all part of.  I thought it only exists because we all ‘put ourselves out there’ in terms of what we create and give to each other – inspiration, support, instruction, camaraderie, and more.  I saw myself in stark relief – so busy climbing up on my proverbial high horse being a drama queen that I was very nearly trampled to death by it.  What a stubborn old mule; I’m on the map.  Are you?

What do you think?

  • Do you jealously protect your online identity?
  • Are you on the map?
  • Have you found anyone nearby thanks to the map?

Let me know, I’d love to hear from you!