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Ready Steady Craft – finished article

29 Sep

With Stitchy broken  luckily I had a non-sewing project up my sleeve. I have spent a lot of time pondering my Ready Steady Craft project for Emma. MANY hours have been spent on Pinterest in pursuit of this project!

So what did I make?


IMG_2044became this:


Photo frame peg board with initial. I have populated with Emma’s passions but thought she could add little photos if she wanted.

and this:


Crating salver. Just a little platform for her to display her crafted wares upon. I had a couple of mini-disasters with the salver which means I am now properly unhappy with the finished item, but hey had fun doing it so that’s the main thing!

Here is what Emma made for me…
From this:


To this:


Can you believe how much stuff she managed to make from it!!

Here is the list:

  • embellished sunflower to go on the parcel shelf of my car
  • Tiger themed desk tidy
  • Frog Ornament (to link with husband!)
  • Pussy cat pin cushion
  • Photo frame with Emma and I’s initials and a photo of us together

I just love all of these things and think she is so talented.

We both agreed this was great fun and would do it again. Now we have done it once we both would select slightly different things but it was great fun. I think this may become a great fun holiday ‘thing’ we do!

Over to you:

  • Have you ever participated in a Crafting swap?
  • How have you fulfilled your creative needs when you’ve been without your sewing machine?
  • What would you have crafted?

Leave a comment, I’d love to hear from you!