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Sew loving London

9 Aug

I just love our capital city. Having studied there but moved back to the sleepy Westcountry it will always hold a special place in my heart.  I came up last weekend to participate in the RideLondon cycling weekend – what an absolutely wonderful event! For those of you not familiar with this inaugural event – on Saturday 3rd of August they closed the roads to motorists in an eight mile loop around London’s most famous streets and made them exclusively for cyclists!


Houses of Parliament, Buckingham Palace, Tower of London, Millennium Bridge, London Eye and more were all on the loop.


There were also festival zones with loads of other bike amenities, concerts etc. It was simply amazing! I got a great goodie bag -oh the difference between that goodie bag and the one I received from Hobbycraft the previous weekend! This was SO much better!

Mr Frog and I joined my sister Helen and Brother-in-law Bruce on the ride.


My sister cycling past Horseguards Parade

The family of one of Helen’s colleagues joined us too and would you believe it – she is a seamstress too!  We spent all day riding around the streets of London only to find out in the last twenty minutes that we share the same hobby!  To say it was exciting to have an in real life sewing conversation was an understatement!

In addition to the cycling there was ample opportunity for sewing related stuff during my stay.  Before Ride Day we cycled to the Village Haberdashery shop – I’ve never visited before – and we had a great time.


My husband bought me the Anna dress pattern from By Hand London and the ubiquitous Renfrew pattern from Sewaholic.  I am so excited to sew these up!

I also spent a serious amount of time curled up in Loop knitting shop.


I had a fantastic few hours browsing through all their knitting books.  This place is just inspirational.  Great atmosphere too; felt very chic to be a knitter!  (I didn’t tell them I am rubbish!!)

I bought some cool notions there:


I got some wool sewing needles, a needle gauge, some cable needles, point protectors and removable stitch markers.  I know, I know… I made my own stitch markers but having removable ones would be useful so I succumbed to these little dears.

I also bought some wool – okay, so I only bought some last week! – but it was just so beautifully soft!  It is Lima by Rowan:


It is a aran/worsted weight and I am going to knit up this crofter’s cowl… at least that is the plan!  Oh an by the way – that gorgeous tote bag?  Totally FREE!  I mean I just love that shop!

A short walk from Camden Passage is my favourite London sewing shop – Raystitch where I whiled away some time enjoying a drink surrounded by wonderful fabric and notions.  As I walk walking along the Essex Road I found this little second hand shop:


I thought I’d see if they had any old furniture or items to store sewing notions in.  However I found a big stash of vintage sewing and knitting patterns also he has some lovely vintage buttons.  As you can see, I’d already spent a LOT of money on my hobby this visit and couldn’t justify any more, but this place is going on my radar for next stay in London!

So a fantastic long weekend in London!

Over to you:

  • Did you participate in RideLondon?
  • Have you sewed either the Renfrew or the Anna dress?
  • Have you ever found sewing stuff in unlikely shops

Leave a comment, I’d love to hear from you!