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Chevron Wentwrong Quilt

13 Aug

Back to quilting today!  Having been pointed to the Jelly Roll Race by a fellow blogger I was rooting around in the quilting tutorials on youtube and found this:

Another lovely quilting idea!  I thought this would be a very simple way to make a bed sized quilt.  I looked through my yardage and found that I had enough to whip one of these up for the spare room.

Simplified instructions:

  • Cut lots of 10″ squares – sorry can’t remember how many I did now.
  • Sew each patterned square with a contrast square right sides together all the way round
  • Cut across the bias and press seams open
  • Arrange how you want
  • Stitch squares together

Quilt top all done! I messed up in the arranging and didn’t get the Chevron pattern quite right, I realised this as I was basting: IMG_1519   But hey, only you lot know what I was aiming for so it still is an eye-catching design – I am not going to let that bother me! For quilting I did fat lines through the red zigzag and just a wide stippling in the squares.  It is a light quilting but effective.  I used a purple and cream polka dot for the binding. Here is the final project on the bed it was made for: IMG_2048   I am really pleased with the final make. I am not the only one… IMG_2051   n.b. strictly no cats allowed in the spare room.  As you can see, he is seriously contrite about having been caught in here. 

Over to you:

  • Have you tried making this type of quilt?
  • Would you have started over having realised the design error?
  • Does anyone else have cats who ADORE homemade quilts?!

Leave a comment, I’d love to hear from you!