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Chevron Wentwrong Quilt

13 Aug

Back to quilting today!  Having been pointed to the Jelly Roll Race by a fellow blogger I was rooting around in the quilting tutorials on youtube and found this:

Another lovely quilting idea!  I thought this would be a very simple way to make a bed sized quilt.  I looked through my yardage and found that I had enough to whip one of these up for the spare room.

Simplified instructions:

  • Cut lots of 10″ squares – sorry can’t remember how many I did now.
  • Sew each patterned square with a contrast square right sides together all the way round
  • Cut across the bias and press seams open
  • Arrange how you want
  • Stitch squares together

Quilt top all done! I messed up in the arranging and didn’t get the Chevron pattern quite right, I realised this as I was basting: IMG_1519   But hey, only you lot know what I was aiming for so it still is an eye-catching design – I am not going to let that bother me! For quilting I did fat lines through the red zigzag and just a wide stippling in the squares.  It is a light quilting but effective.  I used a purple and cream polka dot for the binding. Here is the final project on the bed it was made for: IMG_2048   I am really pleased with the final make. I am not the only one… IMG_2051   n.b. strictly no cats allowed in the spare room.  As you can see, he is seriously contrite about having been caught in here. 

Over to you:

  • Have you tried making this type of quilt?
  • Would you have started over having realised the design error?
  • Does anyone else have cats who ADORE homemade quilts?!

Leave a comment, I’d love to hear from you!


Cat eats goat (kid you not)

7 Feb

Here is a summary:


Horatio 1

Goat nil

You may remember the post on this scarf:


You know, the one I painstakingly and lovingly weaved from skeins of Dartmoor fleece at Craft 4 Crafters?

You may also remember that my fluffy cat Horatio is a ‘challenging’ animal (see, I’m a teacher, he isn’t “Bad”). I’ve regaled you with the tale about when he peed on my sewing machine. Well the little sod has struck again…

Picture me bleary eyed one morning on my way down to breakfast and I happen upon this:



N.b these are recreation photographs as if I’d had the camera near at the time it may well have become a feline colonoscopy

And now look at the state of it!



The aroma of the goat locks overcame him, and the die was cast. I put it down to jealousy, anything fluffier than him must go.

I think it is unfixable as I don’t have a peg loom to reweave it, hence me letting him have another go for the photos. Au revoir monsieur chevre; vive le chat touffu.

unbelievably, no animals were harmed in these events

Over to you:
Have your pets ever ruined one of your projects?
Do you know how I might fix this monstrosity!?
Any ideas what I can do to reuse 100g of beautiful ethical fleece?!

I’d love to hear from you!