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Stocking up on knit fabrics

11 Aug

I really want to get better at sewing knits.   My ready to wear wardrobe is full of knit fabrics so I think learning how to sew these properly would be a chance to incorporate more me-made garments in to my daily life.

I found some lovely knit fabrics on Tia Knight and spent the remaining money in my PayPal account on these beauties:


I  want to look at making:

A Renfrew

Another Day to Night top

Another Tiramisu – other one was a bit ropey, not sure how I managed to mess up a dress everyone else found so easy!

Some projects from Sew U Home Stretch – this book was a huge hit in blogging world about six months ago but now it seems to be impossible to find.  Maybe that is how I picked it up for £3!

Over to you:

  • Have you tackled the knitted monster?!
  • Do you have experience with any of these patterns?
  • Do you have any good online sources for fabric?

Leave a comment, I’d love to hear from you! 


Stashbusting Sewalong

17 Jan

Well throwing myself in to this online community mullarky I have joined Stashbusting Sewalong being run by Cation Designs. This is the first sewalong I’ve ever participated in – exciting…? Well I think so!

Stashbusting Sewalong

Although I have only been sewing a year I don’t have a great fabric shop nearby so tend to ‘stock up’ whenever I get the opportunity. Also I’m a a bit of a ‘fabric tourist’ so like to pick up some fabric, or notions or something whenever I am away… This means I have accumulated a fair amount of fabric – my husband would say it is a lot!

The issue I have is that the fabrics I have don’t usually match the patterns I own, and I really don’t have the confidence to go off piste with fabric suggestions! The upshot of this is that I end up having to buy a specific fabric for a specific project leaving my poor stash looking dejected and unloved… For me the challenge of this sewalong will be to buy some patterns to match the stash – rather than just buying the patterns that catch my eye in an utterly haphazard fashion based on my mood/price/confidence level in my own skills that day/insert other random factor here.

I am really looking forward to tackling a challenge as an online community and hope this will motivate me to achieve the goal!

Are you participating in the sewalong? Are you a fabric tourist too? Or, on a more practical note how do I out something on the sidebar!? I’d love to hear from you.