Knitting progress

6 Oct

Well lots of knitting FOs to show you from the last few weeks!

I feel like I have really moved my knitting on in the last few months – perhaps my letter has been answered?!

I have knit up quite a few gifts over the past few weeks and wanted to share them with you.

Firstly, a hat for little Heidi who is the grand old age of 6!

here she is wearing it:


Heidi is half German so you can see she is wearing a beautiful traditional German dress for her birthday in the photo!

The pattern is one I found on Ravelry called in between seasons hat and I really like the pattern.  However I am not familar with the circumferences of children’s heads and knitted small and it was *tiny* so I had to quickly knit another one up the day before her birthday.  I knitted the large size and although it is baggy I think it is better so she can grow in to it.  I was so delighted when she opened it that she loved it and put it straight on her head and wore it the whole time we were there!  Kids don’t fake that stuff and I was so touched that she liked the gift so much.

Another birthday this week was Emma’s eldest son Thomas, who was the grand old age of 9!  He loves the game Minecraft so I knew what he would want!



I found two patterns on Ravelry and amalgamated the two to make something which had the ‘creepers’ and the lettering.  This was also my first attempt at colour changing (with the strands across the inside) and I am really pleased with how it turned out:



Upon opening Thomas whipped the hat straight on to his head to admire himself in the mirror but it couldn’t compete with the Xbox and he headed off to get back to the real Minecraft!  Bless him!  He doesn’t like having his photo taken so no modelling from him I’m afraid!  You can see my full project details here on Ravelry.

Finally, some mitts for my Mum.  She keeps chickens and I wanted to make her something which she could wear but still open the hutch etc.

Here it is:

Photo 13-09-2013 14 26 17 Photo 13-09-2013 14 26 37

As you can see – I’ve learned to CABLE too!  Does this make me an intermediate knitter?!  They look small when not being worn but are nice once on.  The thumb gusset is really nice and is not required to pick up any stitches, which inevitably leads to holes for me!  I sent them off and haven’t heard back so I hope she liked them.  I have knitted another pair in a sandy colour for my Auntie as it is her birthday later in the month.  Ravelry project details here.

Well, that’s knitted gifts.  If you knit it would be great to have you as a ‘friend’ – here is my profile page on Ravelry.

Over to you:

  • Are you a knitter?
  • Do like to knit gifts, or fashion stuff?
  • Have you tried any new techniques recently in any craft?

Leave a comment, I’d love to hear from you!




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