Ready Steady Craft

31 Jul

When I was at University there was a cookery show on TV called Ready Steady Cook which was on at 4:30 on weekdays and I just loved it.

ready steady cook

The format was simple; contestants had £5 to spend on cookery ingredients which celebrity chefs then had twenty minutes to transform in to a magnificent meal during the show.  The chefs had access to basic pantry ingredients to complement foods but it really was down to their ingenuity and creativity.  Ahhh memory lane!

Whilst whiling away the hours in front of Hobbycraft last Saturday I suggested to Emma that we re-create this but with a Crafty Twist!

So the challenge was set: we each had £6 to spend on items in Hobbycraft which would be presented to the other to create something for the purchaser.   So as soon as we arrived in the shop we spilt up for twenty minutes to do our secret shopping!

So here is what I got for Emma to craft me a masterpiece from:



  • A silk sunflower (my favourite flower)
  • A paper photo frame
  • Tiger print felt
  • A small flower pot
  • 1 metre of brightly coloured ribbon (about 4mm wide)
  • A bag of small yellow pompoms
  • A polystyrene ball
  • A card letter H with a modern Union Flag design

Total cost: £5.86

Here is what I have to craft for Emma:


  • A plywood disk
  • A piece of lavender blue A4 paper
  • A letter E with a flowery design
  • Heart shape diamonte stick on jewels
  • Six pastel coloured pegs
  • Red polka dot felt
  • A polystyrene ball

Cost: about £5.40

We can make several items and can use items from our stash but they should be notional, the main focus should be the items bought.

We have to present to each other the weekend of the 10th of August.  Emma has already started on hers for me – I have absolutely no idea what I am going to make her!

Pinterest here I come…

Over to you:

  • Have you any ideas what I could make?
  • Have you participated in any crafting challenges?
  • No really, have you got ANY ideas what I could make?!

Leave a comment, I’d love to hear from you!





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