Home sweet home

30 Jul

Both my husband and I are enjoying the unutterable joy which is the school summer holidays!

I’m heading in to my second week now and am just getting in the swing of the more sedate pace of life. Having actual time to get stuff done which is important rather than just urgent is so wonderful; I am sure there is a correlation between my restarting this blog and being on holiday!

This is the first year I haven’t gone away in the first week of the summer holiday. I usually need that absolute break to get myself out of the school mindset. However I have been rather spoiled this year for time away from home already; I went to France at Easter (Canal Du Midi – amazing!) got an unbeatable deal on a Cruise at June half-term (brilliant!) then just a few weeks ago I was in South-West France for the weekend for one of Froggy’s school friend’s wedding (AWESOME!)


Felicitations David et Angelique!

Added to this, we also have a serious home improvement project which has to be done before the winter sets in – having our concrete guttering removed. Our house was built in the fifties when there was still rationing of certain things – metal being one of them – so they couldn’t put guttering on newly built houses so they found a way to make guttering out of concrete. Sadly it is complete rubbish, and ours actually has plants growing out of it. We also need the house painted at the same time. All this is going to come to the more than £3000. Ouch.

So I am kicking my heels at home for six weeks. We have a few days staying in London with my sister, Helen, booked in – I’ll blog about that separately – but apart from that I am staying in beautiful Devon. I don’t have any specific projects to complete but an enormous list of ideas accumulated which I am looking forward to plowing ahead with.

I have already started an enormous knitting project – making my first item of clothing! I bought the wool on Saturday in Hobbycraft £1.99 each and on special offer 3 for 2 – so bought a couple of extra colours for the stash.


IMG_2047You can’t really see the colour clearly here, it is a darker blue. I am knitting a tank top for Mr Frog. This does rather have disaster written all over it – the more time I spend on a project the more upset I am when it goes completely wrong so this may well cast me in to knitting depression for literally years!

I am using a pattern from my Big Book of Knitting book – which, it strikes me, I have not reviewed for you lovely people – another post to write. Here’s the photo of what is is *going* to look like!




Just to set the scene for this disaster – I have already messed up the first few rows of ribbing. I will keep you posted as the woe unfolds.

A little bit of sad news – the knitting shop on the high street of our local town is shutting down. As a well documented abominable knitter I have not been a massive patron but they have a rudimentary haberdashery as well as good advice as well as being so convenient. I feel very sad about it. We have a big discount superstore in Plympton and in the last six months they have started selling wool – the exact same wool as said shop in fact – and much cheaper. They just couldn’t compete. So I went in to say my farewells and see what the locusts had left of the 50% closing down sale. OH MY GOODNESS!! Bargains people bargains! Guterman thread 100 m – 80p! 400m – £1.80! Yes – they had sold out of lots of colours but – who cares! Bias binding – 8p a metre! I bought the lot, the woman couldn’t believe it. I got home, told the Frog of my savings and he drove me back up to get some more! Now that is unheard of!

Closing down sale shopping, round one:




Closing down sale, round 2:



Both trips combined I spent less than £35!

So fond farewell Knit Wits and Crafty Bits – best of luck to the owner in his next endeavour.

Aside from crafting, we are currently rewatching the Harry Potter Saga on DVD, we’re nearly finished it having just started on Deathly Hallows Part 1. I love the books and never fail to be utterly disappointed in the films. I really don’t know why I am watching them.

Over to you:

  • What would be on your ‘important’ list to achieve with several weeks off work?
  • What is the best crafting bargain you have found?
  • Harry Potter: books or movies?

Leave a comment, I’d love to hear from you!




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