Hobbycraft Hijinks

27 Jul

There are lots of wonderful things about living in the South West of the UK – particularly Devon:



Beautiful beaches:



sedate pace of life:


 I could go on and on…

However, one big drawback is that we are rather forgotten about on the retail map.  Shops that the rest of the UK take for granted we often don’t have.  Hobbycraft was one of those places – until now!  n.b. Hobbycraft is a ‘big box’ craft superstore stocking all kinds of craft goods from paper craft to knitting to art supplies.  

Unofficial opening day for Hobbycraft Plymouth was Wednesday so we trotted off with Millie, Emma’s daughter (my Goddaughter), to see what crafty wonders they have brought to our doorstep.  As such an eclectic crafter the range of stuff now available on our door step was so exciting!  You could get the ‘basics’ of most crafts but sadly anything too specific wasn’t there.  For example I wanted some machine needles and through bitter experience will only buy Schmetz.  They only had Hemline generic ones; a big disappointment for me.  The haberdashery seemed to be pretty well stocked in general basics though which was great.  There is also nowhere in Plymouth to buy quilters’ cotton so it was great to see a small section devoted to fabric, and some well known prints too.  So, we’d visited, we’d enjoyed surely that is the end of the story?  Remember that post where I mentioned I am obsessive??  

Well I happened to have noticed that the ‘official’ opening was the following Saturday and that the first 100 customers would receive a free goody bag.  I mean who would prostitute themselves for a random bag of free crafty goodness?  Yes, that would be Emma and I.  Whilst at the tills we were chatting with the shop assistant about this goody bag and she promised it would have a variety of crafting goodness.  She also said that on that day (the Wednesday, when there was no giveaway) people had been there at 7am.  Eeeek!!  Well it was decided; we were coming back on Saturday and getting one of those pigging Goody Bags!  So what time to arrive?  We decided to arrive about 6:45, hoping that if the hoards arrive at 7am we should just about get in the hundred people.  

Bleary eyed, with our camping chairs in tow, I picked Emma up at 6:30 and whilst ordering our McDonald’s breakfast (dirty, but good) we discussed our plan for the queue.  We wouldn’t stay if there were more than 100 people and would be VERY strict about anyone ‘saving places’.  It was with great trepidation we pulled in to the car park to find…







We laughed so much it hurt!  

We had to sit there through the shame of the staff arriving at all the various retail outlets looking at us as if we are completely mad (in fairness, they have a valid point).  Not one other person joined the queue until 7:50 when a bloke turned up who had been sent by his wife!  

 Tantalisingly, we could see said Goody Bags through the window from our lonely vigil:


So after about 8:20 the queue began to grow in earnest so we put away our camping chairs ready to charge in to get our goodies, nobody was going to stand between us and our valued bag of goodness!Image

And then the moment had arrived!  The giant cupcake mascot burst forth with the man brandishing balloons – the shop was open!


And for all our troubles we were the first OFFICIAL customers of Hobbycraft Plymouth!


But frankly who cares – we’d already been on Wednesday!  To paraphrase Jerry Maguire “show me the Goodies”!!

Oh, but we were so controlled.  We went round the shop, we even participated in a Fimo workshop (yes, another one!).  We learned some new techniques for jewellery and button making:ImageImageBut frustratingly the stuff we used in the demo, and therefore wanted to buy, wasn’t on sale – how disappointing!  So now we are having to source the stuff online after they have whet our appetite for it – seriously bad business.

They had some lovely wool on 3 for 2 so I stocked up ready for my first garment knitting project… watch this space!

Finally, we sloped off to Dunelm Mill next door (they have a coffee shop) to open our long awaited – and hard earned – Goody Bags…


hmmmm… I think I’ll itemise that for you in case you missed it:

  • A paper cat mask
  • a ‘dizzy dots’ drawing activity
  • a pot of play-doh
  • two berol felt tip pens in random colours (Emma only got one!)

all in a Hobbycraft bag.

We laughed and we laughed and we laughed!  I mean, I know it was free but this really is not very ‘goody’ in our books!  All of those staff wandering past must have known just what was in these bags and that it *really* wasn’t worth getting up at the crack of dawn for!!  Frankly it wasn’t worth getting up for at any time for two ADULTS!  Well, we both agreed we liked the bag it came in…

Despite the questionable freebies we had a wonderful morning and haven’t laughed so much in ages!   We also might be in some sort of press as the official photographer snapped us on the way in – I think that is probably a curse not a blessing!

Over to you:

  • Have you ever queued waiting for a ‘Grand Opening’?
  • Have you received anything particularly memorable in a Goodie Bag/free gift?
  • Am I being unbelievably ungrateful for the gifts?!

Leave a comment, I’d love to hear from you!






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